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Convenience is paramount for us as a dealership. We want to be convenient for our customers in every area of business. We start by being conveniently located right off of the 99 freeway in the heart of the Valley; just a short drive from both Fresno and Visalia. Additionally, we make sure to keep our team trained in our processes so that your visit won’t be any longer than it needs to be. We believe buying a car should be a simple, fun and short process. The goal is to get you on the road in your new-to-you pre-loved vehicle as soon as possible. Browse all our used cars at My Car Park.


Transparency is a really big deal to us. This is what really sets us apart from your typical pre-owned dealer. We want our customers to feel happy about their purchase; in order for that to happen, we make sure you understand every step in the process and fully understand the details of your purchase. After all, buying a car is no small decision, and you have every right to have all of your questions answered and your concerns addressed until you are satisfied. We completely understand this, and it is our goal for you to leave our store with a pep in your step and feeling REALLY good about your purchase.

Our Story

Our Story by Fahrney is the Freshman in the lineup of dealerships owned by the Fahrney family. And while is new, the Fahrney family is not new to the car business by any means. In 1956, Swanson Fahrney Ford was born. It was just a small dealership in Pixley at the time, no larger than a gas station. The dealership eventually grew and moved to Selma. The next generation added Fahrney Buick GMC and Toyota of Selma, altogether creating what we now know as The Fahrney Automotive Group. With, the family is 3 generations and 4 dealerships in and the sky is the limit! The name by Fahrney, for us is the perfect union of new and old school. With “.com” being this generation’s mark, and “by Fahrney” being a clear nod of approval from generations past. For more history on the Fahrney Automotive Group, please click below. Looking for a new Toyota? Check out Toyota of Selma today! Looking for new Buick or GMC? Check out Fahrney Buick GMC today!

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